Battle Report: Kraye v Stryker2 (Cygnar Mirror Match)

Jeremiah Kraye and Coleman Stryker’s forces both came to a crossroad just outside of Caspia. Apparently there was an Inn on both Commanders’ chosen routes back to their respective fronts: Crossbone’s Crossroad Tavern and Inn. 


Both grizzled faces grimaced slightly at the sight of the other as they approached. Each recognized they would need to put up with the other for at least one evening. At least it gave them an excuse to drink in half-decent company.  

After stabling their horses and Warjacks the two decided to commiserate over drinks. Debate broke out around the fifth flagon of Crossbone’s famous ale. It started with Stryker drunkenly boasting that his Storm Knights could best any Warjack contingent in Immoren.

Stryker’s boasts were met with loud agreement from the Storm Lance officer seated next to him, as well as with shouts from a few drunken Stormblades across the room. Kraye – whose own force consisted heavily of newly constructed Centurions –  slurred and swore as he disagreed. Kraye’s Journeyman Warcaster attempted to calm the old warhorse down with soothing sounds, but before the first words were finished Kraye slapped the young man’s back so hard it felt as if the room shook. Apparently the younger officer’s voice of reason would go unheard. 

Both Commanders determined that a friendly wargame should settle the dispute. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily for the local inhabitants, the grounds of the Inn made a picturesque field of battle. 

As the soldier’s left the Inn, none could hear the Innkeeper’s pleas to spare the meticulously groomed grass around his beloved Inn.  All anyone could hope for was that these well-meaning soldiers were sober enough to leave the Inn mostly intact and simply stay out of the way. 

Battle Report! 

COVID-19 has made Wargaming come to almost a complete standstill. Hopefully we are all practicing good social-distancing and only wargaming with people we live with to avoid unnecessary exposure. 

As a result, Battle Reports and Warmachine content are a little hard to come by. My goal here was to play a game vs. myself to make an entertaining Battle Report. One of the nice things about this approach is that I can reflect my logic on both sides of the table, and easily reflect on my mistakes. 

And mistakes were made aplenty! 

Lists, Terrain/Scenario, Deployment, Turns, and Afterthoughts below! 

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Battle Report: Stryker2 (Cygnar) v Omodamos (Infernals)

Battle Report!

After my last Battle Report game (rule blunder and all) we decided to follow it up with a 2nd match. Infernals player swapped out a few units and his Master. Game was much more intense and it really showcases the “Omodamos Brick”.

Calling this game: The Battle of the Unyielding. (Locked Horns vs. Storm Division) 

Lists, Turns, and Afterthoughts to follow…

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Battle Report: Stryker2 (Cygnar) v Agathon (Infernals)

Battle Report! I have a Team Tournament coming up on March 28th. Ahead of that I wanted to get some more table-time with Stryker2 for practice.

Thankfully one of my friends was available to play a few back-to-back games. It offered me a chance to dust off Stryker2 and prepare for the tournament.

This post will be followed by a report of our 2nd game. Infernals swapped out for Omodamos (and a few list tweaks) in the 2nd game.

Lists, Turns, and Afterthoughts below…

Note: My opponent and I had a misplay in this game. We had forgotten that Objectives contest scenario! Please keep that in mind as you read on.

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Printable Objectives & Flags

Another WordPress blogger, “AnythingWorthDoing”, posted this blog a long time ago (2014 Vintage). It includes a link for printable Objective and Flag markers.

In some of my Battle Reports, you will notice that I use a 50mm base with a Cygnar logo for my objective. It comes from this Blog.

What I did: I printed the Objective Circle (Cygnar, of course), glued it down to a 50mm base from Privateer Press, and then super glued a piece of a card sleeve on top of it (improvised laminating). You can then use a dry-erase marker on the damage counters to keep track of your Objectives health.  Very useful if both yourself and your opponent are using these. One of the photos from my recent Battle Report vs. Thexus shows this Objective off


A table with a full set of these (Objectives and Flags) would look very tidy and uniform. Bonus.

Anything Worth Doing...

Two of the key components of Steamroller scenarios are objective markers and flags. Normally at club we use cardboard tokens cut to the appropriate size and a D20 to mark damage, which is ok until either the dice gets knocked or a stiff breeze moves the token.

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Battle Report: Cygnar (Kraye) v Minions (Rask)

Battle Report!

The Cygnar facebook group picked Kraye as my next caster! As you will see below this game did not go well for Cygnar’s favorite Cavalry-Caster. It was a fun game and really showcases Kraye’s ability to run a battlegroup. It also shows why Kraye is not a caster to use in Melee.

It is also my third Battle Report in a row where I have lost. Yikes.

Lists, Turns, Pictures, and Afterthoughts to follow…

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Battle Report: Cygnar vs. Mercs -Cephalyx (Siege1 v Thexus1)

Had an opportunity to get another game in for another Battle Report!

My opponent was playing a list, as well as a mini-faction, that he had never tabled before. It was also my first game playing into Cephalyx. We decided to play without Deathclock as we both needed to learn the Cephalyx-specific rules.

Cephalyx is a mini-faction that is rarely talked about. However, after playing this game I am intrigued! Cephalyx models are really interesting, and their rules give a lot of options for creative strategy.

Turns, Photos, and Commentary after the jump.

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Battle Report: R. I. P Hurricane (Darius v. Zaateroth) (Jan 30, 2020)

Cygnar v Infernals (Darius v Zaateroth) Battle Report

Battle Report!

Cygnar’s military has one last Colossal remaining in the war against the Infernals. It is decided that it should be left with the man who can care for it best: Captain Darius.

Now watch Darius squander Cygnar’s remaining military resources…

Ultimately this was a victory for the Infernals. Darius did his best to turn the tide, but poor positioning and clever play from the Infernals did him in.

Big Shout Out to Tactical Magic Games in Fort McMurray, Alberta, (Our LGS) for hosting!

Turns with images & commentary broken down below.

Please also leave a Comment if you enjoyed this Battle Report, and if you have any requests for future reports! I will happily experiment with new Cygnar lists by request.

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Make Sword Knights Great Again! (Haley3)

Hello Everyone!

Post today is on one of my new lists that I have been experimenting with. I want to write down my list, my thoughts, and reach out to the Internet for comments. Hopefully someone can provide me with some ways to improve this list. Alternatively, maybe someone will be interested and pick this list up to expand testing

To write this list I wanted to do one thing:

Make Sword Knights Great (Again?)! 

Detailed list and thoughts follow after the jump.

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Tactical Breakdown: Arguments for Cygnar’s Hurricane

This is the first in what I hope will be a series. In each blog I will break down one of my Warmahordes models/units and give some tips on their use. Any and all advice is based on my play experience (subject to all of the biases and mistakes that entails)

For my first Tactical Breakdown I’ll talk about my favorite colossal: Cygnar’s Hurricane.

The Hurricane just got a point reduction (from 39 to 35), and in my mind is the more viable of the two Cygnar colossals. In this Blog I want to try to argue for the Hurricane’s case, and provide some ideas on using this model.

For reference: I have played about 20 games with the Hurricane. Games were in both Casual and Tournament settings. While I am not an “Expert”, my hope is that this exposure and experience will give the Hurricane some much need street-cred.

Post is broken down as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Stats
  • Weapons
  • Abilities
  • Tactics
  • Hurricane > Stormwall
  • Conclusion – “Arguments for the Hurricane”

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Miniature Painting Progression: It Takes Time

My painting journey has been long, and filled with repetition. Learning to paint miniatures takes a lot of patience, a steady hand, and a strong  self-confidence to avoid being discouraged. Attempt with this blog is to give a sense of the time required to reach even an “Intermediate” level (if that), and provide novice painters with some encouragement if they are 1 to 6 months in while feeling they should be seeing more improvement.

In this blog, I am covering some of my painting progress. It omits my “first” models, and covers instead the first steps I took towards improvement. Intention is to give players and painters an idea of how long painting progress takes.

Keep in mind that by “One Month” I had painted about 10 miniatures. My first 5-10 miniatures all had various levels of mistakes. For example: my “First” miniature (Beth Maddox) had a face that looked like melted plastic. It took about 5 to 10 models to get consistent coats, correctly thinned layers, and generally to have “acceptable” tabletop models.

As always: C&C Encouraged!

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