What do you need to play Warmahordes? (Packing to Play)

Short post today on what I take with me to play Warmahordes. After the list there are notes on a few of the items for clarification.

All of these items are packed in Battle Foam Spear Bag (models) and a plastic craft organizer from Michael’s (tools, templates, etc.). I’ve reviewed my Battle Foam Spear Bag in an earlier post.

List below is broken down first into the Essentials and Additionals. Essentials are what I think I “need” to play, and Additionals are just nice to have! Any item marked with a * has additional notes at the end of the post. I assume for the sake of the article that I am packing for a small tournament (The type a New Player would likely attend).  I’ve also included a list of my “Wants” that I am going to add to my toolbox in the future.

Note: Not everything here that is “Essential” is 100% “Essential”. You can get away with playing with a lot less (See the contents of the Two Player Battle Box for an example). However, these tools will make things a LOT easier.


  1. Models
  2. Stat Cards*
  3. Army Lists*
  4. Phone/Tablet for War Room (Among other functions)
  5. Prime Rules
  6. Measuring Tape (And/Or Measuring Sticks)
  7. Tokens*
  8. Templates (Spray, AOE, Measuring Widgets, etc).
  9. Dice*
  10. Dry Erase Markers
  11. Bases for Objectives (40mm Flags and 50mm Objectives)
  12. Extra Bases for Proxy


  1. Snacks (Some Stores have these on site. Buy from your store to support them if you can!)
  2. Terrain* (Unless supplied by event)
  3. Steamroller Objectives* (Unless supplied by event)
  4. “Casualty” Container(s)*
  5. Phone/Tablet Charger
  6. Extra Measuring Tape
  7. Super Glue (For triage repairs)
  8. Bandaids (Paper cuts…Don’t let them spoil your day!)
  9. Ibuprofen or Tylenol (Headaches are also a day-spoiler)


  1. AOE Markers
  2. Laser Line
  3. Tournament Tray
  4. Dice Tray
  5. Chess Clock (For deathclock, unless supplied by event/store)

Stat Cards

Privateer Press has made it very easy to have up-to-date cards for your models. Simply go to the Cards Database and print them! Afterword I like to put mine in a clear card protector (I use clear Dragon Shields). You can then write on the protector with a dry erase marker to keep track of the hit boxes on your models. Easy to clean up afterword and you can replace the protector if they get dirty or damaged. One box of Dragon Shields should last you a very long time and the box is handy for storing your cards!

Army Lists

Whether I am going to a large event, or just a pick-up game, I like to have a print out of my list pairings. Since I am playing trying to prepare for competitive events – I treat every game as if I am choosing between the lists I’ve prepared ahead of time. I use Conflict Chamber to print my lists for casual games, and the required Player Sheets for other events.


Don’t make my mistakes! If you have the Privateer Press faction-colored token set (or any set of tokens) make sure you organize them well! You’re going to want a full set of tokens (Focus/Fury, Knockdown, Disruption, etc. etc.), but if you can’t find the individual tokens when you need them they become a liability!

Essentially: You’ll eat up your clock trying to scuttle around to find the tokens for focus or that one last knockdown token after your Hurricane knocks down an opponent’s heavy (my situation all the time). I’ve seen other players put them in a plastic organizer from craft stores and this seems to work wonders.

IF you don’t want to buy tokens you may be able to use flat-based marbles or other stand-ins for focus/fury tokens as the bare-essentials. One example would be if you have a fish bowl…take some of the colored rocks from the bottom.


My suggestion is to bring at least 6 dice. Make at least two of them a different color if you can. Logic here is that you usually roll max 4 dice at a time for damage/hit, and you can then roll an additional dice to identify column for damage on a Jack/Beast. By having the column dice another color it becomes quickly identifiable and saves you the trouble of rolling twice (Saving clock time!). 6th dice is to lose on the day….because I always drop things.

You can buy those little boxes of dice from most game stores that will give you more than enough. Don’t buy the teeny-tiny ones…they are just a pain to see across the table!

Terrain & Objectives

For casual games you may want to bring your own terrain and objective markers. Go online and print some on cardstock paper to start. Don’t buy the expensive neoprene sets if you’re new (Spend your money on models first – Accessories second). If you troll around the internet you can find some printable and free stuff pretty easy.

Here is a resource to get you started: 2d Warmachine Terrain;the same author also made some printable Steamroller Objectives for the same purpose.

“Casualty” Containers

This one might be unique to me. As I don’t have a tournament tray, I needsomewhere to put the models and cards as they are removed from play. I like to have these off to the side and out of sight if I can. This serves two functions: 1. I’m not discouraged by the reminder of all the models that have perished, and 2. It keeps the table free of clutter. I Can’t Stand a cluttered table. And while I cannot control my opponent – I can limit my own clutter. I’ve got some small plastic trays that I put models in as a result. It isn’t the safest for them, but it’s fast and it works.


There you go – That’s everything I bring with me to play Warmahordes.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on things to pack or purchase to help your play experience improve!

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